Friday, June 17, 2011

UPDATED--Prices of Certain Heavy Rare Earths Have Doubled in the Last Two Weeks (AVL;REE; MCP; FRO.tsx: UCU.v)

Update: "Exploding Rare Earth Prices: Be Careful What You Wish For (AVL; MCP; REE)".
Original post:
Long time readers will remember this comment from a September 2010 post:
..America’s needs for light rare earths will be oversupplied by Molycorp as will Australia’s by Lynas in a massive way. For the heavy rare earths, America’s needs can be meet and exceeded  by Ucore Rare Metals and Rare Element Resources. The needs of China, Japan, Korea and India for heavy rare earths can be met by the Canadian and African operations of Great Western Minerals Group, the Canadian operations of Avalon Rare Metals or Quest Rare Minerals, and the southern African operations of Frontier Rare Earths and Tantalus Rare Earths.
From MarketWatch:
Prices of heavy rare earths, used in products including magnets, plasma TVs and smart phones, have more than doubled over the last two weeks after China announced plans to centralise control over its rare earth mine assets, according to U.K.-based publication Industrial Minerals.

Dysprosium oxide, used in magnets, lasers and nuclear reactors, has risen from a price of $700-$740/kg at the start of June to $1,470/kg at present, according to data published by Industrial Minerals. Likewise, europium oxide, used for its phosphorescent properties in products including plasma TVs, smart phones and energy-saving light bulbs, has risen around 142% over the same period, from between $1,260-$1,300/kg, in early June to $3,400/kg at present. 

China's Minister of Land and Resources Xu Shaoshi in late May revealed government plans to maintain tight control over the rare earth industry and shift from surprise inspections to a regular inspection system, stepping up efforts to prevent illegal mining. According to informed sources, this involves creating a strategic reserve for heavy rare earths in what would be another step towards protecting key resources and ensuring supplies for the domestic market. China is the world's biggest producer and exporter of rare earth elements....MORE

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