Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trade War: With Canada?

That doesn't seem like a very good idea. But, the prohibition on buying your way out of Lieberman-Warner via CDM projects is smart, something I'll post on as we get closer to a committee vote in June.
From the Vancouver Sun:

Carbon credits: only from the U.S., you say?

It's all supposed to be about saving the planet. But fighting global warming is creating the political environment for another wave of economic protectionism in the United States. Carbon could change the flow of North American and global trade.

Call it the rise of the carbon tariff. It turns out the "decarbonizing" of the atmosphere is seen by many south of the border as a useful lever in saving U.S. manufacturing jobs and reversing the country's unsustainable trade deficit.

Canada, and British Columbia, better be paying close attention....MORE