Friday, April 25, 2008

Based on Our Proprietary "What's on T.V." Timing Model...

UPDATE: Got the print. Tape must be running late.
UPDATE II: The WSJ's MarketBeat blog pulled the "Mr. Gaffen" comment below. As David Letterman reputed to Dan Rather: "What up Dog?"*

Well that's a thousand DJIA points. I attempted to congratulate David Gaffen at MarketBeat but didn't get a print on the comment. I'll try a less direct method:

Mr. Gaffen,
Congratulations are in order. It appears, based on the 1:06 p.m. timestamp, that we are up 1000 DJIA points since your Mar. 17 "Abby Joseph Cohen" market call.

Because we had the advantage of combining your call with our proprietary "What's on T.V." Timing Model (backtested to February) we were able to make the "Buy" call intraday, at DJIA 11,806.

Here are our posts from March 17:

BUY; BUY; BUY (for now) Bottoming The Market

Salvador Dali and Abby Joseph Cohen

*Top Ten Signs Dan Rather Doesn't Give A Damn Anymore:

10) He changed his name to D. Riddy

9) Coming back from commercials, he's in no hurry to put away the Gameboy

8) Refers to all foreign leaders as "Senor Slim"

7) Told viewers each time he says name "Kofi Annan" everyone does a shot

6) Every night a story about Peter Jennings' alleged hooker addiction

His "if Jack Nicholson did the news" was barely funny the first time

4) During broadcast, answers his cell phone, "What up dog?"

Attended a recent fundraiser wearing swan dress

Throws a quarter at the camera and screams, "You want news? Buy a damn paper"

1) Frequently says, "I'm Dan Rather and I'd rather be gettin' it on"