Thursday, April 24, 2008

Opportunities in European Infrastructure Projects Examined

From Ernst & Young via Research Recap:

European Union member states will spend roughly 556 billion euros by 2020 on modernizing trans-European transportation systems. A new report from Ernst and Young examines the opportunities in transportation and other infrastructure projects in selected countries.

Governments in the EU are continuing to increase infrastructure spending, more private investors are coming into the market, and more private capital is flowing into infrastructure.

Among the many possibilities, the E&Y report suggests US companies partner with domestic firms to take full advantage of government contracts.

In France, where the infrastructure is exceptionally advanced, opportunities will nonetheless abound for public-private partnerships (PPPs) in air and road travel. Germany, on the other hand, is in need of significant investment of its infrastructure. Despite its historic distaste for PPPs, the current government is headed in that direction, and new opportunities are opening up in many areas.

Greece is perhaps the single most promising country for American companies...MORE