Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cramer, CNBC and First Solar (FSLR)

I knew it!
From Infectious Greed:

Must. Hype. RIMM ... Must. Push. FSLR.

This is the best thing I have read in ages. It is a quote from Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne speaking on the Fox Business Channel to Liz Claiman:

I think that there’s been an unhealthy collusion developed between certain short sellers and certain journalists. They center around your competitor, CNBC. I happen to know for a fact that there’s a fax machine in the CNBC offices where hedge funds send instructions and journalists sit around and take instructions.

What? No-one is supposed to know about the CNBC Fax Machine and the daily instructions to on-air journalists from nefarious hedge fund managers. I only learned about the Fax Machine because I held a restroom scrap paper over a toaster and a cryptic message to Joe Kernan emerged slowly from lemon juice.

Must. Push. FSLR ... Must. Skewer. SBUX ... Hate. Environmentalists ... Await further instructions.