Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Seven Myths of Energy Independence

Bookmark this article, it's a bit long for the middle of the work day but definitely worth reading. I guarantee you will disagree with about half of what you see and think the other half is "obviously" true.
(which half will be different for every reader, our visitors literally range from crypto-fascists to avowed Marxists [I've gotten emails from both], with most folks somewhere in the middle)
Tough love from Mother Jones:

Myth #1
Energy Independence Is Good

Myth #2
Ethanol Will Set Us Free

Myth #3
Conservation Is a "Personal Virtue"

Myth #4
We Can Go It Alone

Myth #5
Some Geek in Silicon Valley Will Fix the Problem

Myth #6
Cut Demand and the Rest Will Follow

Myth #7
Once Bush Is Gone, Change Will Come