Sunday, April 27, 2008

Time to Short the Platinum Group Metals? Nanonickel to Replace Platinum as a Catalyst in Fuel Cells and in Other Applications

From Azonano:

QuantumSphere, Inc., a manufacturer of metallic nanopowders, working toward catalyzing the future for fuel cells, batteries, and hydrogen generation, is moving forward with the collaboration of Robert Dopp, of Doppstein Enterprises, Inc. (DSE). Together they are testing QuantumSphere's new line of nano-catalysts in functioning air electrodes to better identify significant parameters in the development cycle.

Mr. Dopp has developed a cathode manufacturing process expressly designed to manufacture small "coupons" of highly uniform, very active and reproducible gas diffusion electrodes. These are typically used in metal air batteries, alkaline fuel cells, other air breathing systems as well as hydrogen generation cells. By producing the finished product from the new generation of catalyst, QuantumSphere can engineer their particle size distribution, composition and distribution to optimum performance. This is something that quantitative and physical measurements cannot achieve; the collaborative efforts of QuantumSphere and DSE can....MORE

You might remember QuantumSphere from this press release:

Pioneer of the Methanol Economy, Nobel Laureate and World-Renowned Scientific Leader, Dr. George Olah, Joins QuantumSphere, Inc.
QuantumSphere, Inc., the leading manufacturer of metallic nanopowders for applications in aerospace, defense, energy, electronics and other markets demanding advanced material applications, announced Professor George A. Olah, recipient of the 1994 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, has joined QuantumSphere’s Scientific Advisory Board. This news follows QuantumSphere’s previous announcement that it received Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Innovation of the Year Award for 2005.

QuantumSphere is the only supplier of the world’s highest quality magnetic, conductive and catalytic metallic nanopowders, including QSI-nano™ nickel, silver, copper, cobalt and other proprietary nanoscale alloys. QSI-nano™ metals and nanometal alloys are now replacing a significant portion of platinum, currently the main catalyst in a variety of fuel cells. These materials will also be used in high performance batteries.

Dr. Olah is the Director of the University of Southern California’s Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute and Distinguished Professor in Organic Chemistry. Dr. Olah joined QuantumSphere’s Scientific Board of Advisors based on the following criteria: market need, technological excellence and management leadership. “QuantumSphere combines unique, proprietary technology, management team excellence and an ability to execute that will squarely place them in a position to serve a global market opportunity,” said Prof. Olah....MORE