Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Solar Cures Cancer, Brings Peace to Middle East (or Not) FSLR

Nah, not really, but Cramer likes it again (or not, I can't really tell):

First Solar has been the biggest winner, up 367.8% since April 17 of last year. "I have been the strongest backer of this stock out there, and I remain so," he said. "It will be the standard of this country no matter which presidential candidate wins, as it already is the standard in Germany."

This is the most cost effective solar play, Cramer said, as the company doesn't use silicon, which makes it cheaper for First Solar to produce its panels. Cramer said he remains in conviction mode for First Solar. "I think this is to solar what Intel was to chips," he added....

...Cramer told viewer Todd in California that he still sees a lot of upside potential for First Solar, and later told caller Bart in Michigan that he is not backing away from the stock despite concern over the rising cost in materials used in First Solar's process....Source

Compare with (4-22):

4. First Solar: Great. Amazing. Outstanding. There I said it. That is how I feel about First Solar, the company. How about First Solar, the stock? I think you will be able to get it at lower prices. Last week, I said wait until $240, but I would now be a tad bit more aggressive and wait for a pullback below $270. First Solar has many positives going for it, but that is no reason to blindly pay any price at any time. Wait for a pullback. -- HOLD

UPDATE: An alert reader emails:
"During the week of April 21, TheStreet.com readers searched for 10 stocks more than any others. Research associate Patrick Schultz makes the Buy, Sell or Hold call on them below, in the order of their popularity."

Either way the stock is up $15 and set an all-time high over $308 a bit ago.