Sunday, May 5, 2024

"Strange Russian tank with a roof spotted in Ukraine"

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On 8th of April 2024, the defenders of Ukraine repelled a massive Russian armoured attack near Krasnohorivka in Donetsk Oblast. As per usual, Russians lost a lot of equipment and troops. The fields are quite open there and the Ukrainian FPV drones had a busy day. But one Russian tank appeared quite ready for kamikaze drone attacks.

Really weird looking tank totally cannot move its turret much at all (Screenshot)

A tank with a full metal roof moved towards the Ukrainian positions near Krasnohorivka. It looks like some kind of early World War I attempt at a tank. Or like a shed roof on a tracked chassis. This particular roofed tank was accompanied by several less heavily protected vehicles. Maybe it was an experiment.

By the way, that tank got away from the battlefield. It is not clear how much the roof contributed to this, but that tank survived to be destroyed some other day. A video has also surfaced online showing how that sheet metal tank roof was constructed. The tank appears to be covered by fairly thin sheet metal segments.

The thickness of the sheet metal, by the way, is not even an essential factor. The tank is protected more not by the steel itself, but by the space between it and the actual hull of the tank. This principle is called spaced armour. If a drone hit that roof it would explode quite a bit away from the tank and probably would not do any significant damage to the machine. Unless it would blow that turtleshell away and give other drones completely unobstructed access. On the other hand, it is easy to spot a few problems that this kind of anti-drone protection creates.....



Shocking – Russian shabby turtle tanks do actually work?

The Russians, worried about the threat of the Ukrainian FPV drones, hide their tanks under simple shed roofs. They limit the crew’s ability to evacuate quickly, prevent the turret from rotating, reduce maneuverability, and simply work well. The shocking reality of modern warfare is that the idiotic Russian invention works. Therefore, it’s probably not idiotic.


And finally, not related, this video of what was purported to be a military vehicle was making the rounds last year. It is actually some bored Ukrainian farmer back in 2020:

Via Newsweek's "Did Video Show Ukraine Combat Vehicle Camouflaged as a House?"