Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Financial Conditions Still Appear Quite Loose

First up, from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis' FRED database the money supply measure the Fed can control directly, the monetary base:

For definitions we have on offer either Investopedia or the Fed's "Money Stock Measures - H.6 Release.

The monetary base has been trending back up since February 2023. This is reflected in the Chicago Fed's National Financial Conditions Index, it is loose and has been getting looser since March 2023. Again via FRED, this time down is looser:

Loose policy can also be ascertained anecdotally—Barron's Penta, this morning, May 22:

Private Island off Palm Beach, Florida, Sells for $152 Million

This Florida private island has just sold.


We first looked at this bit of property in December 2023's:

For Sale: Single Family Home, Upper Bracket
Palm Beach Florida

Also in the 'hood, November 2023:
And In Other Florida Real Estate News: "Ken Griffin Building Billion-Dollar Palm Beach Home..."