Thursday, May 16, 2024

Battery Recycling: Watch Out Redwood Materials

Redwood Materials is a company I would like to own. Preferably in its entirety bu if that is not possible a share of the business would be acceptable. Some links below.

And from Semafor, May 15:

How China is building the next big green industry

The News
In 2016, Taiyuan became the first Chinese city to begin converting its entire taxi fleet to electric vehicles. Now, it is leading the way again by scrapping them and, in the process, planting the seeds for what may be the world’s next big green industry.

Details about the scrappage program for the more than 8,000 cabs are scarce, but as with a number of other clean-tech sectors — solar panels, electric vehicles, and wind turbines, to name a few — a combination of early and aggressive state direction, mammoth scale, and pointed regulation leave China poised to dominate the nascent world of battery recycling.

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National rules in China require that all taxis — electric or not — be scrapped after eight years or 600,000 kilometers (about 370,000 miles) on the road, to ensure safety and spur technological innovation. (Electric buses, by comparison, get 13 years and 400,000 kilometers.) Authorities in Taiyuan have chosen one company to recycle the cars’ bodies, and another to handle the used batteries, Beijing News reported.

April 25, 2024: "‘A Damn Hard Thing to Do’: Tesla Co-Founder JB Straubel Takes on Battery Recycling" (Redwood Materials) 

January 24, 2024: Battery Recycler Redwood Materials Plans To Enter Manufacturing Business

If interested see also:

"Here Come the Unicorns of Clean Energy"
It's Redwood that we are interested in. The other three, Climeworks, Solugen and Sila Nanotechnologies may or may not make it but Redwood seems to be a possible fortune builder.

Tech/Manufacturing/Business: "J.B. Straubel talks Tesla, Redwood Materials and keeping a startup mentality at any scale"
And un-manufacturing in the case of Redwood's battery recycling super-mega-giga-plant:

Battery Recycler Redwood Materials Will Have 5 Million Square Feet Under Roof At Its Nevada Campus
That's 115 acres (46.5 hectares) under roof. 

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