Thursday, April 11, 2024

Telegraph Reports Telegraph Faces Financial Stability Threat From Former Telegraph Owners, The Barclay Family

From The Telegraph, April 11:

Lloyds’ knowledge of suspicious transactions could prompt it to withdraw financing 

The Telegraph would be at risk of financial instability if the Barclay family were to regain control in the wake of the failed takeover backed by the United Arab Emirates, it can be revealed.

Suspicious transactions discovered while the company was placed in receivership by Lloyds Banking Group last year mean that its access to finance could be restricted by the family’s potential comeback.

A loan of £60m from Lloyds to the parent company of The Telegraph and The Spectator magazine, Press Acquisitions Limited, would be threatened with a demand for immediate repayment, sources said.

The borrowing is a normal corporate loan unrelated to the £1.2bn overdue Barclay family debt that prompted the bank to send in receivers. It has never been in default.

It is understood that Lloyds was among the parties involved in The Telegraph’s receivership that made Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) to the National Crime Agency, which acts as a clearing house and can forward intelligence to authorities including the Serious Fraud Office and HMRC.

The SARs, which have been previously reported, were also made by the independent directors who are still overseeing the company, as well as legal and restructuring advisers, according to multiple sources.

The concerns were triggered by the movement of large sums between The Telegraph and other companies controlled by the Barclay family. The independent directors subsequently called in the specialist law firm BCL to investigate alongside the annual audit of the accounts, conducted by PwC....


It is now apparent that behind these seemingly invincible walls, madness and death were being kindled by the events of 2019:

That's Fort Brecqhou, seat of the Billionaire Barclay Bros. and reputed redoubt and last stand of the twins.... 


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The caption under the (faux) castle continued:

....should Jemima succeed in her quest to drive them (and their lackey at the Sark Newspaper) insane.

And Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, international business editor of the Daily Telegraph, shakes his fist at the sky, thinking all he wanted was a genteel retirement.