Saturday, February 2, 2019

Is The FT's Izabella Kaminska Running A CIA/NSA/GCHQ/MI5/6 PsyOp?

There is some tantalizing evidence that this is indeed the case, more after the jump.
First up, the current situation.
M I mean Kaminska, sent agent Kelly to the Channel Island of Sark, the facts of which were noted in our post "It's Incredible that an institution as well respected as the FT would stoop to this level" which highlighted some incongruous, nay inexplicable, conduct on the part of Kelly.

Today we read:
And more tweets here.

Some of the backstory.
The billionaire Barclay bros. have many financial interests that intertwine with those of Sark, M I mean Kaminska, and behind-the-scenes power. Among these are media properties: their ownership of The Telegraph and probable influence on the plucky Sark Newspaper.
And Kaminska-Kelly appear to be driving them, or, at minimum their mouthpiece, insane.
"The likes of Kelly and Sweeney will be too busy sipping cocktails and posing for selfies to bother themselves on what really counts as journalism."
FT Alphaville was spinning their cover story, most recently in "Alphaville spent 36 hours on the island of Sark. Here's how it went." and then in "What can the failed Brecq-xit teach us about Brexit?" about the Barclay's ownership of the "tiny island of Brecqhou, just off the coast of the very slightly less tiny Sark" and which, despite Kaminska's obvious insinuation that this is the island lair of a couple of Bond villains, is perfectly innocuous.

I will pause here to afford venturesome reader the opportunity to peruse the two links immediately above before continuing the thesis that what we are observing is a Psychological Operation of great intricacy and planning.

Back so soon? Okay, on to the evidence.

Over the years she has been with the Financial Times' flagship online property, FT Alphaville, Ms Kaminska has disappeared without explanation for varying amounts of time, a very spy-y thing to do.

I will be the first to admit I have from time to time misunderstood what was going on.
In 2014, following a Camp Alphaville she organized, I may have gone wrong with "Where In the World Is Izabella Kaminska?"
It seems that following Camp Alphaville:...:

She has apparently retreated from the world, with only a few flyby's of her personal blog, Dizzynomics, to show she still cares about writing rather than, say, pursuing a full-time financial-event-planning career-
"I want the dark inventory in the shadow of the crypto mining rigs"
"Yes, nice effect".
"Now, could the Central Bankers do a last run-through of their opening,..."
"'We're in the money...'"
As I say, possibly a misinterpretation.

However...two years later she was sending coded messages, hidden in plain sight, at the exact same time as the putative Director of uber-spy outfit GCHQ.
January 2016
Okay Spy Guys and Spy Gals: Did Anyone Crack the GCHQ Puzzle?
Back in December Britain's signals intelligence outfit posted:
A Christmas card with a cryptographic twist for charity
News article - 7 Dec 2015
This year, along with his traditional Christmas cards, Director GCHQ Robert Hannigan is including a brain-teasing puzzle that seems certain to exercise the grey matter of participants over the holiday season....
And Izabella:
January 2016
Where in the World Is Izabella Kaminska and Can We Find Her Before the NSA and GCHQ Do So?
There is a post on her personal blog, written as free verse quatrains and I think it's obvious she's trying to send us a message that the intelligence services can't easily decrypt:

TL;DR, let's just say the solution leads us behind the former iron curtain, as described in February 2017's "Where In the World Is Izabella Kaminska?"
Dizzynomics put up a post referencing Rawaici.
Schoolboy French reminds us that ici is "here", that's easy enough.

A bit of googling turns up the coat of arms of Rawa, Poland:

File:POL COA Rawicz.svg
A woman on a bear while another bear, apparently under the influence, admires a flower.

So..."Party Here"?

I believe Rawaici may be an invitation to a cocktail party to discuss riding out the bear market.

Or, longshot, if you're into heraldry and heraldic vexillology, it's simply:...
Dame Judi Densch's demise in 2012's Skyfall very conveniently created an opening for the insertion of a new 'M'.
I rest my case.