Monday, February 18, 2019

Oh Lord, What's McCrum Done Now?

And here we were just about to hit 'publish' on:
Attn. Dan McCrum
From Tickets to Mars Will Eventually Cost Less Than $500,000, Elon Musk Says.*
From the Financial Times:

FT statement on Wirecard reporting

Any allegation against the FT or any of its reporters or staff of market manipulation or unethical reporting in relation to Wirecard is baseless and false. It is a smokescreen obscuring the serious allegations that were revealed by the FT. 

Our reporters have been investigating this company for four years, and in the last month published stories based on credible evidence of fraudulent accounting detailed in internal documents seen by the FT. Wirecard's response was also reported. These articles have a significant public interest and are free to read on

We have not been contacted by the German financial regulator or the Munich prosecutor. Any investigation would therefore appear to be at the very earliest stage, with investigators not yet having spoken to those they say they are investigating. 
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I could have told you that Murphy kid would get you in trouble.

*See—among Dan's many examples—"A brief history of Tesla and the number 500,000"