Sunday, February 24, 2019

Harvard Is Going Bigger In Tech Than Other Endowments

Should we tax the endowments? I think we should tax endowments.
Foundations as well while we're at it.

From the Harvard Crimson:

Harvard Invests Heavily in Tech Stocks Compared to Other Top Endowments
Harvard Management Company, the University’s investment arm, invests more heavily in technology companies than the other four largest university endowments in the country, according to the most recent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

Nearly 83 percent of Harvard’s declared securities investments are in four large technology firms: Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Alphabet, Google’s parent company, according to its 2018 fourth-quarter filings, which were released earlier this month.

In comparison, just a year ago, SEC filings indicate that Harvard did not directly invest in tech stocks at all.

The other top four university endowments — Yale University, Princeton University, Stanford University, and the University of Texas system — invest far less in information technology. Out of these four, Princeton invests the most in technology stocks, with just under 5 percent of its securities holdings in technology stocks, according to its SEC filings from the same period. Technology stocks comprise less than 1 percent of all securities for Yale and Stanford.

Stocks held through exchange-traded funds, while reported to the SEC, are not included in these breakdowns. The rest of Harvard’s holdings that are not in tech are largely in exchange-traded funds.
Harvard is also an outlier when it comes to investments in one particular D.C.-based real estate firm. Princeton, Yale, and MIT all hold substantial stakes in the firm, JBG Smith Properties, and Princeton’s stake in JBG Smith represents 93 percent of the university’s total securities. Harvard, on the other hand, had no direct holdings in JBG Smith as of the end of 2018....MORE