Thursday, April 25, 2024

"Construction’s manufacturing boom: Mapping the biggest facilities underway in the US"

This is the part of Bidenomics (borrowing big to spend bigger) that might be justifiable. At the conclusion of the construction you have, at minimum, a building to show for the loot. Whether they are worth the money spent or if they could have been built without the handouts is for the policy peeps to argue over.

From ConstructionDive, updated April 18:

New additions to the tracker this month include a $3.9 billion SK Hynix chip plant in West Lafayette, Indiana, and a $1.2 billion Fujifilm project in Holly Springs, North Carolina.

Spending in the manufacturing sector has ballooned since the CHIPS Act was signed into law in August 2022. Projects underway include everything from plants focused on chip fabrication and electric vehicle batteries to consumer goods and cars.

Here, Construction Dive rounds up the biggest of these projects announced since August 2022, sorted by value and location, along with their contractors when available. Please check this page for regular updates.

The U.S. continues to gain ground on other countries’ manufacturing dominance a year after President Joe Biden signed the $52 billion CHIPS and Science Act in August 2022.

The renewed push to revive American manufacturing after decades of offshoring has led to over $688 billion in private company investment, according to the White House. The multibillion-dollar investments scattered across the country range from biotechnology facilities and chip fabrication plants to electric vehicle battery factories and clean energy projects.

Some major manufacturing projects added to this page over the past four weeks include a $3.9 billion SK Hynix chip plant in West Lafayette, Indiana, a $1.2 billion Fujifilm project in Holly Springs, North Carolina, and a $300 million XNRGY manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona.

The map also lists the contractors working on these projects when they are available. Some of the notable wins since the last update include:

  • Wespac Construction’s contract on a $300 million manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona, for XNRGY, a Monteal-based company that makes climate systems for data centers. 
  • Whiting-Turner’s award on a $300 million AstraZeneca cell therapy manufacturing facility in Rockville, Maryland....

....MUCH MORE, including the handy map 

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