Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Electric Vehicles: "Goldman Sachs says escalating price war in China’s EV market could ensnare BYD, push sector into losses"

Its a tough business.

From the South China Morning Post, April 24:

  • Overall industry profitability could become negative in 2024, if BYD introduces 10,300 yuan (US$1,421) price cut, US bank says
  • Overall profit for EVs across the board has declined from 2,100 yuan to negative 1,600 yuan since July last year: Goldman report
Further discounts offered by carmakers in a price war in mainland China’s electric vehicle (EV) market could ensnare even the likes of top seller BYD, Goldman Sachs said.

Its net profit could become zero if BYD offers another price reduction of 10,300 yuan (US$1,421) per vehicle, a fresh sign that an escalating price war in the world’s largest EV market will become detrimental to the fast-growing industry, the US bank said in a report released on Tuesday.

“If another 10,300 yuan price cut comes about (in line with our assumption for BYD), we estimate overall industry profitability could turn negative in 2024,” Goldman said. The discount would represent 7 per cent of the company’s average selling price for its vehicles, Goldman added. BYD mainly builds budget models priced from 100,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan.

Since July last year, the overall profit for EVs across the board has declined from 2,100 yuan to negative 1,600 yuan, driven by a 21,000 yuan price drop, or 11 per cent of the cars’ average selling price, the report said.

Weak interest in EVs due to concerns about a battered economy and incomes during the first quarter of this year have resulted in a wave of price cuts at key carmakers on the mainland....