Sunday, April 14, 2024

Are You Good At Forecasting? Would You Like To Work With The World's Largest Hedge Fund?

No and no, but here you go. From Metaculus:

Bridgewater x Metaculus
Forecasting Contest
Register to forecast, explore opportunities with Bridgewater Associates, and compete for $25,000 in prizes!

Metaculus is teaming up with Bridgewater — a premier asset management firm and the largest hedge fund in the world — for a unique forecasting competition. No experience necessary. Just register today, and starting April 16th, make your predictions on topics like SpaceX launches and Bitcoin prices.
The most accurate forecasters will be eligible for $25,000 in prizes and potential opportunities with Bridgewater, a company with a culture of meaningful work and meaningful relationships....

Some of our posts on Bridgewater and/or its founder. Most recently:

Ray Dalio: "Are We In A Bubble?"

He says no but he was also pushing investments in China* that are now down 50 - 60%. 

He's such an odd duck. I mean most multi-billionaires are odd ducks, it's sort of a prerequisite for the self-made or a condition of employment for inheritors but even in this cohort he sticks out.

I on the other hand think things are bubbly but will get even more bubblicious as long as "the grass shall grow and excess liquidity flow." (apologies to all the U.S. - indigenous treaty writers of a couple centuries ago)  
And embedded therein: