Thursday, October 11, 2018

Hurricane Michael Was Bad But It Could Have Been So Much Worse

The nightmare scenario is a direct hit by a Cat 5 (or equiv.) on a built up area such as Miami or even worse, Hong Kong. By comparison, and not to downplay the devastation and loss of life yesterday here's the saving grace:

The housing and population densities are among the lowest in the state of Florida (outside of the Everglades, natch.) HT on the above map, Villanova's Stephen Strader.

This was the issue in yesterday's post, "Hurricane Michael Is Approaching Landfall":

He also makes the point which is behind our Cat bond'insurance/reinsurance focus and thus our lack of coverage despite the hurricane's strength:
"This coastline along US-98 southeast of Panama City Beach is sparsely populated ... mostly forested. This is a very nice drive from Apalachicola ... 98 is right on the water most of the way.

No giant condo towers here..."