Monday, October 29, 2018

Update—The Fly Lives to Fight another Day

After getting to down 566 the DJIA reversed to close at 24,442.92 down 245.39.

With his customary reserve and modesty Le Fly (as he sometimes styles himself) reports:

4:01pm EST
If You Didn’t Buy Today — Fuck Yourself
Full disclosure: I’m salty AF for missing the crash. I knew it was coming and got HOOKED into the sentiment this morning, forced to average down later on during the day — now bewildered and dizzy from the panorama of fuckery.

I just stepped in and bought TQQQ — just because.

I was a fucking winner, up until today, 80% cash, swag like a motherfucker — long a sundry of inverse ETFs. Instead of continuing along that path, I dove in at the wrong time and belly flopped like a god damned fool.

The plans for the balance of my days is to brood, and then lament, brood some more, and then mope around the house. I probably won’t shave, instead opting for remaining in a morose state of regret.
I had some fucking YANG, SOXS, FAZ, and DRIP, but instead now own a series of unfortunate SAAS stocks and TQQQ. How did my life come to this?

Look at AMZN and BA....

Brood and lament.
As a doctor I know has said "Go into the pain, embrace the pain, the pain tells us we're alive."

effin' quack.