Sunday, October 28, 2018

The CIA'a Former "Chief of Disguise" on How to Disappear Into the Crowd

From MetaFilter, October 25:

Making Spies Disappear
For years, Jonna Mendez was undercover as a part of the CIA's Office of Technical Service. She later became the Chief of Disguise for the CIA. Here's a YouTube video of her talking about how spies use disguise.

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WIRED Masterminds S1 • E1
Former CIA Chief Explains How Spies Use Disguises | WIRED
 Published on Oct 22, 2018
Former Chief of Disguise for the CIA, Jonna Mendez, explains how disguises are used in the CIA, and what aspects to the deception make for an effective disguise. 
Here's her mini-bio at the Spy Museum:

Jonna Mendez
Jonna Mendez is a former Central Intelligence Agency Chief of Disguise.
A former Chief of Disguise in the CIA’s Office of Technical Service, Ms. Mendez is also a specialist in clandestine photography using subminiature cameras. Her 27- year career, for which she earned CIA’s Intelligence commendation Medal, included operational disguise and photo responsibilities in the most hostile theaters of the Cold War, from Havana to Moscow to Beijing and ultimately into the Oval Office. She is currently a fine arts photographer, author, lecturer and consultant on intelligence matters. She worked with her husband in writing Spy Dust: A True Story of Espionage and Romance, and the book ARGO. They are currently writing Moscow Rules, to be published in autumn of 2018.

Presentation Topics

Jonna Mendez has fabricated disguises around the world, in the most hostile cities in the world. She is able to take a well-known figure and quickly disguise them to the level that they basically disappear and their colleagues would not be able to recognize them. This has proven to be an excellent way to bring her talks home to her audience, and she can combine the fascinating clandestine disguise of an “Undercover Boss” with any of her presentation topics below....MORE