Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Today in the Costanza Portfolio: Tesla Pops, Nvidia Drops (TSLA; NVDA)

After reporting, Tesla is up $39.03 at $327.53, while NVIDIA is down a further $7.32 (3.67%) to $192.00.
On Friday I reported I was:
...Just watching NVIDIA race Tesla back to $200 and poking around in the link-vault, reminiscent of Adam Smith's classic vignette:
 “…For, after all, I had been into cocoa a bit myself. That was back when The Great Winfield had discovered cocoa trading. Occasionally in those more leisured days I would sit with him lazily watching stocks move, like two sheriffs in a rowboat watching catfish in the Tennessee River….”
-'Adam Smith', Supermoney 

Life is good.
Well, NVIDIA won (lost) in a big way. The two stocks were within twenty bucks of each other at the time of the post. Now Tesla is higher by One-Hundred-Thirty-Five Dollars.

Here's CNBC:
Tesla boosts cash position despite repaying loan, expects trend to continue through Q4

I might be back, someone just called a meeting.

Historical reference in headline, all of ten hours ago:

Cliff Asness: "The George Costanza Portfolio "
...In one episode of the greatest sitcom ever, 4 George Costanza, a perennial loser at all things (love, work, etc.) decided he must, in all things, “do the opposite” of what he’d normally do, as his normal way clearly wasn’t working out for him....