Thursday, January 18, 2018

Synthetic Booze

Not the powdered vodka I've mention a couple times but rather a compound to mimic the effects of alcohol.

From the un-bylined electron-stained wretches known only as FT Alphaville:

“It is not designed for binge drinking”
All those enduring enjoying a dry January should turn to the latest research offering from Jefferies. No more loss of judgement, the analysts promise, showcasing the potential for hangover free entertainment to disrupt the alcohol business.

They come direct from a good lunch with Alcarelle, “a company that has the goal of developing an alcohol-free adult beverage, which imitates the positive aspects of alcohol without the negative health aspects”.

From the gutter, all there is to see is blue sky:
Ideal product features of synthetic alcohol? The aspiration is to develop a product that is fast acting (15 mins for effects to take place), a one hour half-life (washes out in an hour), that is tasteless, odourless, with zero calories. We believe the finished product would likely be released as a bottled product that has already been diluted to a usable strength.
The company aspires to market approval by 2022, but how would synthetic alcohol work?...

Previously, as part of our coverage of the ethanol biz: 
Powdered Booze Can Reduce Arterial Cholesterol Plaque By 40%
From our intro to 2013's "Can Powdered Water Cure Droughts?":
...Some years ago I was approached by a company seeking financing for their powdered vodka. 
When I was done laughing I had some research done on the principals and decided against doing anything with them.  
As it turned out the SEC eventually shut down another of their enterprises, thus besmirching the otherwise pristine reputation of the Boca Raton investment community. 
The powdered booze however turned out to be real, albeit with a patent owned by General Foods rather than the scamsters. 
Who knew?
From Popular Science:...
If interested see also 2015's:
"Everything You Want to Know About Palcohol, the Powdered Alcohol Approved by Feds"