Friday, October 6, 2017

Soylent Has Competition and the Marketing is Gonna Get Weird

From Inverse:

When your product does nothing but keep folks alive, you sell
When Soylent hit the market it was a novelty item (get it?) in search of a non-novelty audience. It found one — more or less. Though some people still subsist on the stuff after losing bets, Soylent has many loyal customers who eagerly consume the company’s kinda-gooey product. Now, a British company called Huel is trying to hone in on the nutrition-without-taste game. But how the hell do you market something that will keep you alive when it has no other discernible characteristics? Well, it’s tricky.

The Huel intro video is a master class in deflection. Julian Hearn, the human fuel’s inventor, talks about garbage and fast food, erecting a few straw men then knocking them down. After that, we see a woman running and sipping out of a Huel bottle because this is a lifestyle brand? Well, it kind of is. Like Soylent, which has a distinctly similar stripped-down visual approach, Huel can’t sell itself as food. Huel is not food. Huel is an environmentally friendly shortcut....MORE
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