Friday, October 27, 2017

"Facebook Patents VR Audio Tech That Sends Sound Straight To Your Skull" (FB)

Anybody want some mint-in-box Sennheiser wireless 'phones?

From CB Insights

Patent for using bone transducers in a VR audio system could make it easier to understand the position of sounds in a virtual environment.
Illustration of “bone transducers” in a VR system from US patent 9,794,691.

For a virtual reality environment to feel immersive and “real,” VR users must gain a life-like awareness of the objects and events in their surroundings.

Audio position is key to achieving that: VR must deliver sounds as if it comes from specific virtual locations – such as an avalanche on a mountain many miles away from you.

As of now, there are “spatial audio” technologies for delivering realistic 3D sound, but most rely entirely on headphones. Since they send sound through the ears, headphones alone can limit users’ perception of the position of sounds in VR – making it hard to distinguish if a noise is coming from in front or behind them, for example....MORE
Now combine that with "Marketers Want to—Literally—Get Inside Your Head" and...