Sunday, October 22, 2017

Izabella Kaminska Talks About: "Billion dollar deals and how they changed your world"

From FT Alphaville:
Documentary-maker Jacques Peretti’s new series on the billion dollar deals which changed the world has just finished airing on the BBC. For UK readers, the three-part series is available on iPlayer. But Peretti also has an accompanying book called Done, filled with a great collection of anecdotes about the unexpected circumstances which brought certain deals into being. They range from the academic research which observed consumers are much more likely to spend virtual dollars to physical paper dollars due to the “flinch” effect and the role dark-market money played in bailing out the banks in the global financial crisis, to how AIDS patients inspired subprime securitisation practices. The book also offers a healthy critique of Silicon Valley’s uniquely elitist brand of tech-utopianism, the Uber/gig economy phenomenon (the dawn, as Peretti calls it, of the slave boss state) and the scientific management techniques which brought about the McKinsey management consulting revolution.

Mostly, however, it’s a compendium of all of Peretti’s work to date, including many insightful yarns from the interviews he conducted for his other documentaries...MORE, including the conversation.
Don't tell the BBC but someone has apparently uploaded part II of the "Billion Dollar Deals" documentary wherein Ms Kaminska makes an appearance starting a bit after the half-hour mark,
It probably won't stay up for long.