Thursday, December 22, 2016

Soylent Ingredient Provisioner Pooh-Poohs Diarrhea Accusation, Cuts Off Gruel Maker's Algae Flour Supply

From The Register:

No Soylent for Santa after key ingredient supply is choked off
Toilet pebbledashing not our fault, says TerraVia
If you were planning to leave out cookies and a generous glass of Soylent for Santa, you should forget all that and hoard your stocks for yourself. A key supplier has announced it is cutting off the super-gruel maker.

TerraVia, which provides the algae-based flour and oils used in Soylent, said that it was unhappy with being blamed for a series of problems with the "food" that have left some customers hugging the toilet bowl calling out to Huey and Ralph. It accuses Soylent of hanging it out to dry and has lowered the boom.

"We are surprised and disappointed that Soylent rushed to imply that algal flour is to blame and removed the ingredient without providing any evidence that they conducted a full investigation of their formulations and the more than 40 ingredients in their products, as would be standard practice in the food industry," said TerraVia CEO Apu Mody.

"As a company, we work every day to ensure the integrity of our ingredients and our customers' high-quality products. We uphold food industry best practices and remain committed to partnering with our valued customers who align with these same principles."...MORE
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