Friday, December 30, 2016

If People Are So Stupid They Are Swayed By Fake News, They Are Too Stupid To Vote

But, fortunately, folks aren't as dumb as elites like Pitruzzella think.*
Or, in the words of Alphaville's Kadim Shubber, "This is super creepy":
*I, on the other hand, may be a moron.

Because the snippet in Kadhim's tweet only says 'Mr. Pitruzzella', here is the guy I initially thought they were referring to, Lord Marco:
Marco Pitruzzella is the drummer for Anomalous and Six Feet Under, and is the former drummer of death metal groups Brain Drill, Vile, Vital Remains and The Faceless.
And then I thought "That can't be right".
So I read the story.