Sunday, December 18, 2016

For Sale: Apartment In Freddie Nietzsche's (very impressive) Place In Venice

From Curbed:

Live in the stunning Venetian palazzo that was once home to Friedrich Nietzsche
Not bad for a nihilist 
This opulent Venetian palazzo once belonging to Friedrich Nietzsche is either too much, or simply not enough, for a nihilist of his caliber, depending on how you slice it. The German philosopher lived in the 1600-built Palazzo Berlendis—set on the Fondamente Nuove by the feet of the Mendicanti bridge on the northern border of the city—between 1880 and 1887 and penned Thus Spoke Zarathustra here. 
Now, a main floor apartment is up for sale. Measuring 3,229 square feet, the unit features four bedrooms—two that are ensuite—arranged around a typically Venetian portego passante, or central hall, and an additional bathroom, kitchen, storage, and warehouse on the floor below it.
Architecturally speaking, the details are stunning: soaring ceilings, a serlian window providing incredible lagoon views from a panoramic balcony, marble floors, frescoed walls, fabulous molding and woodwork, painted doors, a private chapel, and so much more. 
Through the years, the palazzo was also home to many artists and boasts several treasures, including a wooden alcove painted by Francesco Fontebasso in the eighteenth century, and a master bathroom embellished with gold leaf and glass tile mosaics by sculptor Napoleone Martinuzzi. If any of this appeals to you, it’s available for €2,500,000 ($2,658,000)