Friday, October 7, 2016

Soylent's New Food Bar Is Giving People Diarrhea

From Motherboard:
As observed by @weeaboo on Twitter, the Soylent subreddit is at turns delightful and bizarre. Mostly, it’s filled with people extolling their favorite definitely-not-made-from-people food product for revolutionizing their eating routines and making their regular checkups damn delightful. These people are the Crossfitters of food: The methods are questionably extreme, but the results look pretty good.Until everyone starts barfing and shitting uncontrollably. 
Commenters on Reddit, as well as Soylent’s own message boards, are reporting problems with the newest iterations of Food Bar and Soylent 2.0 drinks.Redditor pernambuco asks, “How many here have experienced vomiting after eating a Bar? 
Raise of hands, y’all! The Soylent Bar, for the uninitiated, contains “12.5% of your daily nutritional requirements,” according to the product page, and is made of soy protein, algal flour, Isomaltulose and various vitamins and minerals. But as the unlucky pernambuco continues... 
 “Early in September, I experienced intense vomiting about 3-4 hours after eating a Food Bar. The vomiting lasted several hours. I think it was probably the worst vomiting episode I ever experienced. I did not experience diarrhea.”
So, not having diarrhea is the silver lining, here? Cool. It’s truly a diehard fandom that’s undeterred by several hours of puking. “I want to see it succeed greatly and I think it will,” this Redditor adds in conclusion to his tale....
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