Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"Exclusive: Carl Icahn responds...." (CVI; IEP)

Following up on the post immediately below.

From The Hill:

Exclusive: Carl Icahn responds to 'witch hunt' complaint

Public Citizen’s assertion that I should be required to register as a lobbyist is another gross misstatement of the facts which is similar to much of the “fake news” that is unfortunately so prevalent today.

I have vetted my activities with a number of lawyers and it is clear that no registration is required.
A more worthwhile investigation would seek to uncover the dark forces behind this witch hunt, which is perhaps being financed either by those seeking to smear President Donald Trump, and anyone associated with him, or those seeking to obfuscate the real issue at hand—the continuing economic devastation being wrought by the Environmental Protection Agency's corrupt Renewable Identification Numbers (RIN) trading program.

While we are not fighting the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), I have for months and will continue to speak out against the misguided way in which the EPA has been administering the RFS as it pertains to the RINs trading program. It allows large integrated oil companies and large gasoline retail convenience store chains (some foreign owned) to benefit from a massive windfall, making obscene profits by sucking the blood out of our nation’s independent merchant refiners and small "mom-and-pop" gas stations (many minority owned).

Many of these minority owners have put their life savings into these gas stations and are rapidly losing them as a result of large retail chains using ill-gotten profits from RINs to engage in price wars with them and force them out of business....MORE

Ethanol: "Carl Icahn Is Not Bound By Your Silly Laws"