Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ethanol: "Carl Icahn Is Not Bound By Your Silly Laws"--UPDATED

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From DealBreaker:
Carl Icahn is many things to many people. Employees of Icahn Enterprises call him boss. The White House calls him “Special Advisor to the President on Regulatory Reform,” aka, Secretary of Do Whatever The Fuck You Want, aka “private citizen.” We at Dealbreaker call him Uncle. The man himself says he’s just a humble refinery owner.

But what really matters, according to meddlesome watchdog Public Citizen, is what Icahn calls himself when he’s got Trump on the horn to pitch him on esoteric ethanol policies that would directly benefit his Icahn Enterprises holding CVR Energy – an investment strategy known in some circles as Have-The-President-Pass-Policy-For-You method. As it turns out, advising the president on matters directly related to your company’s bottom line is what Washington insiders call “lobbying,” an activity that requires registering with the government, filling out a bunch of forms, and disclosing your activities.

What a bore! Uncle Carl is way too busy fucking with Bill Ackman for any of that noise. Shouldn’t business moguls be able to call up their old friend, the president, and casually suggest executive orders without the feds cramping their style?

Evidently not. As Public Citizen argues, Icahn would have to meet financial disclosures requirements if he were a true White House official, while his self-described advocacy on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which costs his company hundreds of millions of dollars, might just bleed over into the definition of lobbying....MORE 
"Exclusive: Carl Icahn responds...."

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