Monday, February 1, 2016

Dutch Police Training Eagles to Take Down Drones

A few weeks ago we saw robotic falconry in "There's A Drone Spying On Your Daughter and Using A Shotgun Is Frowned On In Many Locales......What to Do?". Now you can skip the whole drone-counterdrone paradigm and go straight to total overwhelming badassedness with the King of the raptors.
Via Digg:

If that doesn't suit your dronekill needs there's always the classic Primate-with-a-stick, also pioneered by the Dutch:
Tool Use Observed In Netherlands Zoo Chimpanzees

Finally, back to Digg: A Compilation Of Animals Attacking Drones. Although the verticality achieved by the crocodile is impressive, it's probably not practical for police work or home use.
Unless you have a moat.

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