Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dear FT Alphaville, Please Don't Link To Bronte Capital...

...Until he explains his silence on SunEdison.

I know you like him but, this is just weak.

On October 1st he wrote that Bronte was going long SUNE. The stock closed up 2 cents on the announcement.
On October 2, FT Alphaville, supplied the FT megaphone and relayed the news as part of a larger story and the stock got a rip-roaring Financial Times pop, up 14.86%.
The next trading day, Monday the 5th, the stock was up another 9.3%.

Today the stock closed at $4.54, fully 58.6% 36.94% below the close on the day he announced.
Down 58.6%!!! 36.94%!! In under six weeks!

Good grief.
And not a word as the stock collapsed.
As I said, just weak.

I mean you'd at least expect a stewards inquiry, "please hold all tickets" kind of post but instead, just crickets.

So, as a die-hard fan of the paper and its flagship blog I'm asking that you not link to him until he mans up.

A. Climateer, prop.

P.S. maybe he would benefit from reading the Southwell Litany.