Friday, October 2, 2015

Zacks Downgrades Halliburton to "Get Out While You Can" (HAL)

Hmmmm. Haven't seen that one before.
The stock is up 58 cents on a generally down day.
From Zacks, Sept. 26:
Halliburton Down to Strong Sell: Get Out While You Can 
Back in August 2007 we noted

Best Analyst Calls
One of my recent favorites was Lehman's downgrade of
Weight Watchers to "underweight".

Today we learn there may be problems at Liquidation World:

...“In our view, the initial strategy to turn the company around is not panning out.”
The retailer has had three disappointing quarters in a row and
“we think the outlook is uncertain,” Mr. Caron said.
As Wikipedia explains, by 2007 the company was on its way from 1200 to 3 stores.
The Spokane Spokesman-Review wrote the epitaph in 2010
In brief: Liquidation World closing its doors
Well, it was called Liquidation World.

In 2009 we posted "Laughingstock: Fitch to California-"F2" and S&P Downgrades to "Lower than Louisiana".