Friday, October 2, 2015

"Mapping the 25 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in San Francisco"

From Curbed SF:
It has been some time since we've updated our map of the most expensive homes currently for sale in the city, so it's no surprise that the list has almost completely overturned, although the Lumina penthouse continues to reign supreme at $49 million. There are currently nine homes up for sale in the eight-figure range, and, of course, Pacific Heights is the most popular neighborhood for very expensive homes. What is surprising is how many of these homes have taken price cuts in their time on the market. Nine of the houses have dropped their price at some point....MUCH MORE 
3800 Washington, Presidio Heights
Halsey Minor, a technology entrepreneur whom you may know as the guy who founded CNET in 1993, bought this "modified copy" of Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon in 2007. The 8-bed, 7-bath, 18,000-square-foot mansion comes with the adjoining 2,618-square-foot guest home at 3810 Washington and a vacant lot (125 Maple) that's currently being used as a backyard. The three must be sold together. When Curbed SF toured the property in 2012, it was in really bad shape—holes in the ceiling, water damage to the original silk wall coverings, outdated everything. The whole place will need a complete restoration. Hence the serial price chops over the years, from $25M down to $21M and now $17.995M. If it ever does sell and get the renovation it deserves, we sincerely hope the spectacular ballroom becomes wedding central.