Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Silicon Valley Fashion Week

Just yesterday we intro'd a post with::
"For the record we completely agree with FT Alphaville's David Keohane that the 'Like Uber for...' formulation should be banned and go further than he in postulating that it's usage is a sign of a weak mind and probably indicates underlying pathologies in the user's character in addition to retarded social development.
And poor fashion sense."
Now here's proof.

From Quartz:

Photos: Silicon Valley Fashion Week kicks off with drone models
With its armies of tech workers clad in hoodies, T-shirts, and jeans, it’s safe to say Silicon Valley is a world apart from the fashion scene in New York, Milan, and Paris....MUCH MORE
“You are seeing a grand experiment taking place on stage tonight,” said master of ceremonies Mustafa Khan, donning a flashy gold suit. The first night’s theme was electric motion, focusing largely on commuting (think electric skateboards and LED clothing).
Master of ceremonies Mustafa Khan in a shiny gold suit.(Alice Truong/Quartz)

Sorry, we've already achieved peak hipster beard although the suit could work at a GATA or other goldbug conference.