Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Follow-up-- Edmunds Long-term Tesla Road Test: "2013 Tesla Model S: No Touchscreen, No Heat" (TSLA)

Following up on yesterday's intro to the road test piece, "The Edmunds.com 2013 Tesla Model S Long-Term Road Test is Different from the NYT Version (TSLA)".
After getting hit for a 4.8% loss yesterday the stock is up two cents in early pre-market action. $34.40 last.
From Edmunds.com:

2013 Tesla Model S
I was looking forward to driving our new Tesla Model S into the office this morning. Figured I would sip some coffee in my kitchen for a few minutes while warming up the interior of the Tesla sitting outside via the phone app. No such luck. It wouldn't connect to the car even though it had been working great all weekend. No big deal I figured, there was plenty of time to try it later.

So I grabbed my things, hopped in the car (I had unplugged it the night before as it was already fully charged), pressed the brake to bring it to life — and nothing, or at least nothing from the main touchscreen. The rest of the car was ready to go, but there was a message in the instrument panel that said, "Please wait for touchscreen to power on."...MORE