Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Deep-value Investor Tweedy Browne is in the Oil Patch for Their New Stock Positions (HAL; JOY; HEINY)

As promised in yesterday's "Warren Buffet's Columbia University Talk Upon the 50th Anniversary of 'Security Analysis' (he doesn't seem to have much use for EMH)":

I don't know if Tweedy Browne invented the term "deep-value", they certainly could have, they've been around since 1920, but if they didn't they sure do exemplify the concept.

Here's GuruFocus (edited for incomprehensibility):
The 5 Top New Stock Positions of Tweedy Browne’s Portfolio
Tweedy Browne, a renowned, Ben Graham-focused investment company managing $15.6 billion in assets, added seven fresh positions to its portfolio in the fourth quarter. The largest of these are Halliburton Company (HAL), Joy Global (JOY), Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ), Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDS.B) and Heineken N.V. (HEINY). In its fourth quarter letter, Tweedy Browne noted that it bought Halliburton and Joy Global “at significant discounts from our conservative discounts from our conservative estimates of their intrinsic value, were financial strong and we believe have solid prospects for future growth.”...MORE
Here's TB's 4th quarter commentary and here's a little gem that anyone serious about investing should read:
What Has Worked In Investing, Studies of Investment Approaches and Characteristics Associated With Exceptional Returns

Tweedy, Browne has compiled a complimentary booklet entitled What Has Worked In Investing. We encourage all current and prospective shareholders to read it. It describes over 50 academic studies of certain investment criteria that have produced high rates of return....MORE