Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fossil Fuels Making Al Gore Richer: "Al Jazeera to buy Al Gore’s Current TV"

This is hilarious on so many levels that I'll have to come back to it to get it all in.
From the Financial Times:
Al Jazeera is to buy Current TV, the strugglings cable channel co-founded by former US vice-president Al Gore, in a move that should help the Qatari state-owned broadcaster achieve its long-sought expansion in the US.

While the terms of the deal were not revealed, analysts said it could be worth as much as $500m – as well as providing fresh international prestige for ambitious and gas-rich Qatar....MORE
No comment yet from former Current TV star (over 40,000 viewers/show) Keith Olbermann.
As for current Current TV star Client #9, New York Mag reported Dec. 20:
Eliot Spitzer Knows He’s Irrelevant