Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dammit: "Obama shifts location of G-8 summit from hometown of Chicago to his Camp David retreat" Rahm says "Not Insulted"

As I said in "Debate: The Proper Role of Violence in the #Occupy Movement":
You thought perhaps we had moved-on from #Occupy.
Heck no! Just wait for the G-8 and NATO summits in Chicago, May 19-21.
The summits overlap Chicago Craft Beer Week, May 17-27.
How fun is this going to be? Mayor Emanuel, #Occupy folks and beer?
In the meantime here's what's occupying my #Occupy in-box....
From the Washington Post:
The White House abruptly announced Monday that it had scuttled plans to hold the upcoming G-8 economic summit in Chicago, and would instead host world leaders at the presidential retreat at Camp David in Maryland.

It was an unusually late location change for a large and highly scripted international summit and came with little explanation from the White House. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel — the former White House chief of staff who personally lobbied President Barack Obama to hold the summit in Chicago — was informed only hours before the official announcement....MORE
From CBS Chicago:
...The decision came as a surprise to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was praising city’s plans to host the G8 summit as recently as Monday morning, when asked about downtown businesses preparing for the possibility of having to board up windows if expected G8 protests were to turn violent.

“I think this is a unique opportunity for Chicago to showcase itself to the world, and the world to see the city of Chicago. I think our police department is highly trained, very professional, with the right leadership,” he said.

The mayor also praised the city’s handling of multiple protests by “Occupy Chicago” activists last year, noting Chicago did not see violent clashes with police that happened in other protests by the Occupy movement....
The not insulted lie is in this post:
Questions Swirl About Decision To Move G8 Summit