Thursday, March 29, 2012

Al Gore is Dead to José Canseco

First up, the headline at BleacherReport:
Jose Canseco: Retired Slugger Laments Al Gore, Causes Mass Confusion
And the story via NBC Sports:

Rick’s Cafe: Jose Canseco, global warming and you (RIP, Al Gore)
Jose Canseco announced on Wednesday that he would discuss global warming with his Twitter followers the following day, and that they should “study” for the lecture, because “u clowns can’t comprehend global warning.”

True to his word, Canseco came back this morning with a barrage of tweets about recycling, the impending threat to polar bears, and how we can conserve energy by wearing flannel pajamas, “like the pioneers did.” But he also broke some big news during his Twitter rant: apparently, Al Gore has passed away. This comes as disturbing news to Al, I’m sure.

The tweets follow below, and I can think of very few things that are more entertaining. It’s slowly becoming clear that Jose Canseco’s Twitter feed is one of this country’s great treasures: possibly our first national landmark in cyberspace. Jose’s Twitter account should be visited with frequency, revered like the the Lincoln Memorial or the Liberty Bell. His brain is a comedy gold mine: full of great ironies, unintentional wit and fractured wisdom. It’s Sh*t My Father Says, if your father was an aging former Major Leaguer with a tenuous grasp on spelling and grammar who has several screws missing. His Twitter feed is at once a flight of fancy and a glimpse into madness....MUCH MORE