Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Cocaine is God's Way of Saying You Have Too Much Money"

That was the considered judgement of  a very sharp* friend.
From Reuters via the Huffington Post:

Diamond Jubilee Whiskey On Sale In Singapore For Nearly $200,000
A whisky made to mark the 60th year on the throne of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is on sale in Singapore for a mere S$250,000 ($198,500) a bottle - and it may well find a buyer.

No doubt it's a premium sip. Only 60 bottles of Diamond Jubilee were made by the Johnnie Walker unit of Diageo PLC from a blend of whiskies distilled in 1952.

It's also a premium price for Asian aficionados at the month-long Master of Spirits II event featuring speciality wine and liquor put on by luxury travel retailer DFS Group, part of the LVMH empire of high-end goods and services.

Singapore is the first stop this year for a series of DFS events highlighting a wide range of luxury offerings....MORE
*He was also the commenter at a trial that showed losing money in a scam you abet is not a good defense:
...I once knew a guy who lost retail clients a bunch of money in a deal in which the manager also had some skin. His legal team brought this up repeatedly in court.

Finally the judge got tired of the B.S. and said:
"I am not allowing the stupidity defense".

At that point one of the spectators on the rail said
"Billy, you done bammed your last boozle".

Even the judge couldn't keep a straight face and the defense attorney was giggling as he asked for an immediate mistrial....
From our July 2007 post "Amaranth: In All Fairness..."