Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm in the Wrong Business, Part 653: "Getting Paid by Gov't. for NOT Flying Passengers "

During the recent FAA funding tussle Nevada's senior Senator fought mightily for this baby.
From Carpe Diem:
We're all familiar with various government agricultural policies over the years that have paid farmers not to farm, with the goal being to reduce the supply of crops like corn and soybeans and thereby support higher commodity farm prices.  According to a 2006 Washington Post article

"Nationwide, the federal government has paid at least $1.3 billion in subsidies for rice and other crops from 2000- 2006 to individuals who do no farming at all."  

For some great humor, see this tongue-in-cheek letter to the Secretary of Agriculture titled  "Getting Paid for Not Raising Hogs" that starts like this:

"My neighbor received a check for $10,000 from the Government for not raising hogs, and I want to go into the "not-raising-hogs" business. What I want to know is, in your opinion, what is the best kind of farm not to raise hogs on, and what is the best breed of hogs not to raise?"

Now comes a story from the Associated Press of a new government scheme that might be called "Getting Paid for Not Flying Any Passengers": 

"On some days, the pilots with Great Lakes Airlines fire up a twin-engine Beechcraft 1900 at the Ely, Nev., airport and depart for Las Vegas without a single passenger on board. And the federal government pays them to do it....MORE
For our Atlantic Alliance friends:
I'm in the Wrong Business, Part 816: Scottish Wind Turbines Receive £900,000 for Switching Off (for one night!)
I had heard of the "not producing electricity in Scotland" scheme but thought I had time before I had to not produce.
ya snooze, ya lose.