Thursday, November 11, 2010

President Obama Has Been Very Good For Corporate America

Don't listen to the Chamber of Commerce/White House chatter, it's either a distraction or deliberate misdirection.
Big business and big government are as symbiotic as you can get.

The fact is that corporations are pocketing a larger share of GDP than they have in many years. Here is the BEA's Table 1.12. National Income by Type of Income, take a gander at lines 2 and 13.

And here's one part of the puzzle. Please note that profit margins are higher than during the boom yeas of the late nineties:

Chart from Pragmatic Capitalism's post "CORPORATE AMERICA REMAINS STRONG"
See also the BEA's Table 1.15. Price, Costs, and Profit Per Unit of Real Gross Value Added of Nonfinancial Domestic Corporate Business, lines 2 and 7.