Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Houston readers more interested in science than sex"

From the Houston Chronicle:
This is completely random but I think readers here will get a kick out of it. Every day the Chronicle compiles a list of its most read blog entries (from midnight until 2 p.m.) and sends them out to staff members.
It's a not-so-subtle way of reminding us that, in the digital world, our value as reporters can be readily quantified.
In any case, here's today's list:

SciGuy: A final look at that wet weekend forecast | Thousands upon thousands of views.
Celebrity Buzz: Anne Hathaway embraces nude scenes in new movie | Five less.
Celebrity Buzz: Nude pics of Stephanie Seymour expected to fetch 6 figures at auction | Hundreds fewer.
NewsWatch: Reports: Gang attacks officer at Waffle House | Hundreds and hundreds fewer.
Justice: I sure hope Drayton doesn't sell the Astros | Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds fewer.
Sorry, I'm not allowed to use exact numbers. In any case, you will note that science topped two -- count 'em two -- blog entries on nude references to female actresses. That does not happen every day....MORE
The writer is Eric Berger, also known as SciGuy.