Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Largest Group Of Nobel Laureates To Remove A Sword From Someone's Throat"

No, this isn't climate science. From THE UNIVERSAL RECORD DATABASE:
Largest Group Of Nobel Laureates To Remove A Sword From Someone's Throat

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On October 1, 2009, during the 19th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony in Cambridge, Massachusetts, eight Nobel Prize Laureates removed a 22-inch solid steel sword from Ig Nobel Prize Laureate sword swallower Dan Meyer's throat.

The Nobel Laureates involved:
Rich Roberts
- Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine, 1993
Wolfgang Ketterle
- Nobel Prize in Physics, 2001
Dudley Herschbach
- Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1986
Paul Krugman
- Nobel Prize in Economics, 2008
Roy Glauber
- Nobel Prize in Physics, 2005
Frank Wilczek
- Nobel Prize in Physics, 2004
Martin Chalfie
- Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2008
William Lipscomb
- Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1976

- sword swallower must be a legitimate sword swallower officially verified and recognized by the Sword Swallowers Association International
- sword must be a solid steel non-retractable sword with a blade at least 15 inches in length
- Nobel Laureates must be recognized bonafide Nobel Laureates who have actually been awarded an official Nobel Prize

Click the pics to see the action.

HT: Improbable Research who stage the Ig® Nobels,last year's theme was RISK:

...(A full report, with action photos, appears in the Nov/Dec 2009 issue of the Annals of Improbable Research. Click here to see details and video of last year's (2008) ceremony, here to see the Improbable Research special issue about that ceremony. And for a journalist's view of the ceremony, read Steve Nadis's firsthand account.)

WEBCAST: After several exciting glitches, VIDEO of the ceremony is now online, in four parts:

Part 1: Pre-show Risk Cabaret Concert by The Penny-wise Guys, and the very, very beginning of the ceremony.
Part 2: Lots of introductions. Several past winners return. Benoit Mandelbrot's keynote address.
Part 3: Awarding of several prizes. First 2 acts of the mini-opera. The 24/7 Lectures.
Part 4: Awarding of the rest of the prizes. Win-a-Date contest. Thrilling conclusion of the mini-opera.

Special thanks to these supporters — they helped make the ceremony possible:


Theme: The theme of this year's ceremony is: RISK.
(The theme pertains to some of the goings-on at the ceremony, though not necessarily to any of the year's prize-winning achievements).

Scene from the Big Bank Opera PREVIEWS: VIDEO: rehearsals of "The Big Bank Opera" (click on the image). Also: thoughts from a past Ig winner, from Cambridge Day, from AOL News, and from longtime Ig connoisseurs Dave Brooks and Steve Nadis.

In addition to the awarding of the Prizes, the ceremony included a variety of momentously inconsequential events:

* Time limits to be enforced by Mr. John Barrett, the Ig Nobel Referee

Radio: The ceremony was recorded for later broadcast, in highlight form, (on Friday, November 27, the day after Thanksgiving) on National Public Radio's "Talk of the Nation/ Science Friday with Ira Flatow."

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