Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Breaking: "Chavez to join the blogosphere"

That's what the world needs, more goofy-assed dictator bloggers.
Mugabe anyone?
Just think what Mussolini could have done with the medium.*

From Foreign Policy's Passport blog:

While his media-savvy is undeniable, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez has never been the most tech-savvy of leaders. He has equated Twitter users with terrorists and threatened to impose controls on Internet content. But apparently not satisfied with his weekly TV broadcast or his radio-show that can air at any time of day, Chavez has apparently decided he needs a beachhead in the blogosphere:

He said a computer is being set up in a room of the presidential palace of Miraflores--and from it he would directly inform the public on who he is meeting with, what legislation he's signing, and other presidential matters.

"I'll be communicating with millions, and not just in Venezuela, but the whole world," Chavez said, who didn't provide any possible start-up dates for the blog.

Chavez said he also would use the blog to respond to comments and questions from readers, both supporters as well as those opposed to him. "It's going to be a battle, indeed," Chavez said....MORE

*He did have stuff to bitch about:

From Drexel University's Smart Set:

Scent of a F├╝hrer
Hitler wanted to control the world. But he couldn't even control his flatulence.

Guests at the Berghof, Hitler’s private chalet in the Bavarian Alps, must have endured some unpleasant odors in the otherwise healthful mountain air....

Mussolini and Hitler
The dictator who smelt it, dealt it.