Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Struggling Solar Stocks" (FSLR; SPWRA; TAN)

They don't cover the U.S.-listed Chinese solars which haven't, on average, been hit quite as hard and don't have one of their simple little line charts of an ETF or two.
And they include non-solar companies like Raser, Ener1 and Plug Power.

In the words of the philosopher, huh?
It's all good, I was actually going for another of their posts, which I'll get to a bit later.
From Bespoke Investment Group:

Solar stocks had nice runs during the 2003-2007 bull market, but they got hit hard during the bear market along with everything else. Even worse, however, is that they've been really struggling during the recovery. Below we highlight the performance of a large list of solar stocks over the last six months. It's not a pretty sight. Is now the time to buy or will solar continue to trade lower?