Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New threat to travellers from al-Qaeda 'keister bomb'

Gives new meaning to "Talking out yer ass" [and "can you hear me now?" -ed]
From the Times o'London:

Travellers in Europe could face intrusive airport security measures in response to the latest ploy by al-Qaeda — suicide bombers who carry high explosives inside their bodies, it emerged today.

French anti-terrorism chiefs are expected to recommend widening examinations already used to catch drug smugglers after President Sarkozy’s new domestic intelligence directorate (DCRI) learnt of an attack in Saudi Arabia in which the bomber detonated such a device in his rectum....MORE

HT: Foreign Policy's Passport blog who write:

...Given that shoe removal has become an integral part of the "security theater" in U.S. airports since shoe-bomber Richard Reid's botched operation in 2002, one shudders to think where we're headed in response to the "keister bomber," as the Times calls him....